He’s Back, the singer Tarcys Andrade!!!!!!!

He’s Back, the singer Tarcys Andrade!!!!!!!
Back to the Stage
Nobody will be stopped
See more about this
great name of romantic pop
music of Brazil


By: Argeu Bernardo de Andrade

Tarcys Andrade, is the Artistic name
Japytacy Andrade Ferreira, born in Recife,
on 27/04/1955.

Singer and composer of Brazilian pop romantic,
was very successful in the 80 and 90.

He began to dedicate the song to
17 years old, influenced
by presentations that were made in
School Professor Oliver Monte Negro,
the neighborhood of Campo Grande in Recife-PE

The major influences of singer Tarcys Andrade,
with music, were inspired by artists such as:

Paulo Sérgio, Fernando Mendes, and others of the same genus.

Tarcys Andrade has recorded songs by Augusto Cesar,
Mauricio Reis, J. Aquino do Amazonas Manaus, Hélio Portinhal.

Tarcys Andrade recorded over 15 Discs.

Tarcys Andrade started in 1979 by the label Rozemblit (Mocambo).
With his unique style, emerged for all Brazil, with the
song “Faça Alguma Coisa Meu Amor”.

There were more than 70,000 LPs sold at the time

With the successful launch throughout Brazil, was hired soon
by Emi-Odeon label in Rio de Janeiro, where he recorded 14 LPs.
From 1981 to 1994.
Emi-Odeon on the left marked with national senary
many successes in her career exploded with his Mega Hits

* Não chore amor
* Bailarina
* Faça Alguma Coisa Meu Amor
* Meiga Menina
* Um Adeus E Nada Mais
* Juro Vou Tentar Lhe Esquecer
and many others.

In her artistic career, was given much
national labels, such as:

* Sony Music
* Continental
* Polydisc
* RM-Music de Belém
* NPA Produções do Recife – PE
and is currently with Garra Music in Recife – PE

In the years of success at the time of the great TV presenters,
singer, pop romantic Tarcys Andrade, always participated
various programs such as:

* Cassino do Chacrinha
* Almoço com as Estrelas
* Raul Gil
* Bolinha
* And many others besides the local programs of Recife

Regarding the concerts we carry out by Brazil in the Amazon region,
Roraima, Pará, singer Tarcys Andrade,
also toured Colombia.

Tarcys Andrade, always had his career marked by success,
because his charisma makes the audience his intensely alive
romantic songs.

For years, singer Tarcys Andrade, has led many people
the delirium of his songs always tied to the romanticism.

In the late 90’s, in 1998, Andrade Tarcys
began to study theology, and in 2001 he was consecrated
the pastor, so then the singer Tarcys Andrade, became
devoted solely to gospel ministry.

During this period 1998 to 2010 reached Tarcys Andrade
record two CDs, all evangelical.

* Troquei tudo por jesus – 1999 Seal Revelação – Recife
* Hinos da Harpa Cristã – 2000 Seal Independet
* A Voz de Deus – 2005 – Seal Independet

In the year 2010, the singer Tarcys Andrade returns to career
artistic, and released the CD title, Voltei
The CD was released by the NPA Produções in Recife.
This record would actually be released in 1998, which
is the first work of singer Tarcys Andrade on CD
See more about this record.

In 2011, Andrade Tarcys comes with another release,
by also seal Garra Music of Recife, the CD titled,

* Tarcys Andrade – As Canções Que Canto Pra Você

The CD contains 22 tracks including 2 previously unreleased tracks,
Rewrites and 20 of successes, with friends like

Paulo Sérgio, among Others.

These are the songs like himself Tarcys Andrade, and one of the
especially the singer is the third track called “Quando Você Quiser Voltar”,
was made including a clip of this song by the son of Tarcys Andrade
Jorge Augustus”, the clip can be seen on Youtube
or the Destaque.

This cd is released to Downloads, by the
Andrade Tarcys singer, you can check it on the page
the artist who is on Social Networking Destaque.

Currently Tarcys Andrade, still lives in Recife, and has
being called to do shows in various locations in your area
in recent days, has received proposals for touring the north

Well, these data being placed on LastFM,
Wiki at Cantor Tarcys Andrade, are data collected
so, cautiously, questions and more questions, come
being made ​​through the event promoter Bernardo,
it has the habit of doing this mainly with
artists who are out of the media, and resulting in the return
many, usually starting with LastFM, and Destaque,

So it’s possible many of the great artist updates
Brazilian romantic pop Tarcys Andrade, is to ensure
Network of LastFM, and to all who pass by here, they
LastFM postings are having any support from the Proper
singer who is also a user of LastFM, if the chance
listeners of our pop idol romantic, you want to add
follow him as a friend Nikname TARCYSANDRADE, because this
singer is not only popular because of the songs, but by
it is a very simple person, then the era of
Internet Tarcys Andrade is every day closer to his
public, more tips on the links below and wait for updates.

Visit the other page of Cantor
Romantic Pop Tarcys Andrade:



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