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A new video


Maini Sorri: Christmas In Our Hearts

You are very welcome to check up my video Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving).

It is produced for TV6 in USA and
has been aired on TV6 twice.

It took 5 months to produce the video
because there is both

winter and summer on it. For English lyrics,  see

I think you will like the Swedish nature.

The views are from
nere my hometown. 2007 was a rainy summer.

Look at those dark coulds
towards the end of the video!

It was not easy to find a suitable day
for filming,

it was always raining some part of the day.

Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving)

Music: Maini Sorri

Orig. lyrics: Marjo-Riitta Oksanen

English lyrics: Barbara Helsingius

DVD by SoL Productions,  Sweden

Music arranged by Jaakko Viitala

Music recorded by, all instruments, mixed and mastered by

Jaakko Viitala, Krumhults kultur, Hjularöd, Sweden


Snow on the ground,

snow all around,

where we buried the past

and the feelings we found.

Storms in the night,

prayers for light,

wishes for wonders

to make wrong turn right.


I may long for your touch once tender,

but don’t think I’ll ever surrender.

I must try the taste of living

among those warm and forgiving.

I must change the ice for fire,

see the sun and feel desire.

Now I’m leaving, 

Yes am leaving,

Oh I’m leaving,

I am leaving.

 Doubt in the air,

mem’ries we share,

truth or illusion?

I really don’t care.

This is my way

right or astray,

I’ll manage I’ll make it

or else I must pay.


I may long for your touch once tender…

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Maini Sorri Smile

I went to my grocery store today.

When I came closer to the cash
register the guy

serving customers said to me:

” I’m sorry I didn’t
smile at you, I was thinking about something else.

You must know that I
didn’t mean anything by not smiling.

I want to you to know so you don’t
need to wonder why I didn’t smile at you”.

I think it was the most
sweet thing to say! I had taken a long walk before

I went to the store
and I had been thinking of 

how important it was to look at the people
in their eyes

and give them a smile.

Then this happened! 

For years ago I sat with a woman on a

bus tour who was not a nice

I thought she was really mean.

I did wonder if I really had the
patience to sit

with her on our tour home, too,

I did because she was
expecting it and it seemed to

mean a lot for her.

There was a custody
issue in her life and

other problems,  I didn’t agree with her,

seemd to be just thinking about herself and it

was not a pleasure to be
around her. 

But why not listen to her side of the story?

So I just
listened  but it was quite a relief to

be back home and say goodbye to

Some weeks later I met her again. She looked like another person.

happy smile covered her face when she came to me and said: 

“My life
has changed because of you.

You were the first human being in my life
that was kind to me.” 

She told me that she had solved the custody

and she had now good contact with her relatives.

She did thank me
so much, she never stopped thanking

me for what I had done when we
met. I thought I had not

 done almost anything. It was wonderful to see
her so happy. 

She is not with us anymore but she did really teach

how little things can make a big difference.

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Winter days


Maini Sorri

was a lovely winter day in Sweden today. I took a

long walk and it was
so beautiful with all snow and the sun and

snow crystals shining. It
has been very cold in Sweden. Last

Wednesday night Naimaka in the north
of Sweden had 38.5 below zero

Celsius ! It is really cold. We had 13
below zero Celsius in my hometown today.

I studied in the north of Sweden for a year and I really wanted to

experience the cold weather. Unfortunately the coldest days

that year
occured when I had Christmas holidays.

When I came back to my room was
cold, the water was

frozen in the radiators, but I myself never got the

chance to experience those really cold days.

Why I love winter? I don’t know, I think there are winter

people and
summer people. Maybe it is because

I grew up with real winters with
much snow.

It was a great joy to ski and the white snow is so

and lightens up the darkness.

I think it is quite practical to love
winter when you live up north:)

Photo: Mikael Tidemar

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About time


Maini Sorri

Maini Sorri

What about time? Do you have time to do

what you want to? Why am I always so busy??

When I was a child and I was sick,

I always took books and pens and

and letter-paper and crayons and a pair of scissors etc

to my bed
to have many nice things to do during the time

I was sick. Maybe I
always have been an

active person. But nowadays I really feel that I am
too busy.

I once heard a relative who also moved to

Sweden tell our Finnish

You have no time, in Sweden you have no time!

I did’nt quite
understand what she

ment but maybe she was right?:)

My boss on my old job told me once when

I complained about having  a
lot of inspiration but not

enough time: Be happy because you have a lot

inspiration but not enough time, it is much

worse to have lots of
time but no inspiration.

How do you manage to find the

time do the things you want to do?

What about the Christmas tree? My friend from

Canada asked me if we
still have our Christmas tree.

The answer is yes, we have

not had time
to put it away:)

Photo:  Mikael Tidemar

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Sold out!


Maini Sorri Northern lights

I heard on Swedish radio P2 for a while ago that

the compilation CD featuring me Musalista 14 was sold

out in December already! It was released in November! It is great.

My song is number 3, Lähden yksin. Musalista

14 is available again on Musik.

One of my songs was aired on TV6 in USA last Sunday!

The video during my song was amazing views on Preikostolen

Norway, not a place for those who are afraid of  hights,

me! A Norwegian singer was

singing during the second half of the video.

Photo: Mikael Tidemar

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Maini Sorri and northern lights

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of

you and welcome to my new homepage!

Maybe you visit me for the first time today.

I will tell you that my
page is not ready yet,

there will be lots of music and a shop,

and much more.

I have just had the busiest week so far this year

but I hope that things are going to calm down soon.

It is still winter in Sweden. We have -10 C today.

I love winter and hope winter will continue for a while.

Until next time, have a great Valentine!

Please write a comment or leave a

message on my contact page.

Photo:  Mikael Tidemar

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Maini Sorri and northern lights 1

I have seen the Finnish Final of Eurovision

Song Contest 31st of
January! What about it?

Yes, Finland seems to live and breath hard rock

I was a bit afraid that Finland would send hard rock

to the
Eurovision Song Contest for the third time.

The evening began with a second chance,

with songs that had not
qualified to the final. 2 of them

with most votes went to the final to
compete with 6 other songs.

Later in the evening there was a Super
Final for the 3 most voted songs.

What do I say about the songs in the final?

Yes, I say that I sent 2
great songs to the competition

but the answer was no. I hope my
visitors don’t mind when

I say that I think that my songs are better

some of the songs in the  Finnish final:)

Better luck for me next

Maybe the right song, the song with a great melody,

was not there,
but I got a favorite anyway among the songs.

It was Waldo’s People.
There was so much self confidence in

there number and the most
important thing: There was a superb

female vocalist with a really great
voice on high notes.

I think the chorus was catchy, too.

Waldo´s People became one of the groups in the Super Final.

Another group in the Super Final was Signmark. It was hip

hop, a lot
of joy there, and the thing that was special and new

was that a deaf
artist  expressed the lyrics with sign

language. It was great. He was
an important member in their number.

The third group was Passworks.

The thing I did not understand was
the huge silver

Christmas star or snow flake on the female
vocalist’s back.

What had that thing to do with their song Surrender?!

It would be interesting to hear the female vocalist when she

not have a sore of her throat.

The male vocalist was great and carried
his parts great.

I really did hope that Finland would not send hard

rock to the ESC again, this song was not the best of these three.

The group that won was Waldo´s People although Signmark

got very
much votes, too! I’ll be glad to hear their

Lose control on the
semifinal and hopefully in the final, too.

I had never heard of the
group but they said that they were

 the one among the groups  with the
biggest career going on abroad these days.

I wish them good luck!

Photo: Mikael Tidemar

I love Christmas



Maini Sorri: Christmas In Our Hearts

I love Christmas. In Sweden it is very common to have

candelsticks at every window. Is there some of my

visitors that still
have them at the windows? I guess not.

I have. It is only 2nd of
February, there is no harry.

We still have the Christmas tree, too.

there are no Christmas decorations left

on it but the tree is
still there with candles.

I love Christmas music! I listen to Christmas songs

during the whole
December and January, sometimes in

February too. Why not, it is a long
time to next Christmas.

I actually wrote a song about my Christmas
habits, too,

but just that song is nothing to share

with the world, I
have lots of better songs.

I am very happy to tell that I am one of the artists on

International Christmas radio on

There are Carola and Sanna
Nielsen from

Sweden and many international

artists with very
interesting Christmas music.

It is worth a visit!

 Don’t worry, some day I will pack the

candlesticks and the tree will

disappear, too, but why hurry?

Have a nice day!

Photo: Mikael Tidemar


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